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What is Arab-West-Journal (AWJ)?

Arab-West-Journal (AWJ) consists of original work composed primarily by our undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate interns, with other contributions from staff and notable authors.  Contributors come from a variety of academic disciplines, making for a diverse range of topics and writing styles.  Content ranges from articles on contemporary Egyptian politics to historical topics dating back centuries. 

Arab-West-Journal Vol 1 Issue 2 Cover

You will find that each piece contributes to intercultural and interreligious dialogue by educating our readership about elements of Egyptian and Middle Eastern society, politics, religion, and history. Interns and other contributors are living and working in Egypt and bring their experiences and research during their time in Egypt into their work. This immersion creates pieces that offer unique insight into Egyptian and Middle Eastern life.

Thus Arab-West-Journal (AWJ) is the ideal enhancement for users of AWR looking for deeper and more detailed background information on the situation in Egypt

Each issue contains between 5 to 10 research papers, interviews, or media reviews not published on the Arab-West Report website.  We ask only a modest fee of 2$ per issue to support our work and help us to continue publishing the work of young scholars and others who seek to share their knowledge of Egypt and the Middle East. 

How you get it:

After you click on the "Buy Now" Button (first button is for EUR, second is for US$) you will be redirected to PayPal where all necessary fields are already filled out you login to PayPal and issue the Payment of 2 EUR/2 USD you are then redirected back to a thankyou-page which also contains the link to the current issue of AWJ you can save this file for offline reading or open it in a separate page for reading.

For any inquiries, please contact [email protected] or use our "Contact Us" form.


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