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Thu, 2022-02-03
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Working with student interns is a crucial part of our work. This goes in two directions. Interns are exposed to new experiences and information and contribute to our database. I was personally changed because of my travels to Egypt and other countries in the region as a student.


Interns at the Centre for Arab-West Understanding have described how their internship with us changed their lives. These are just some examples of the past years: Junghoon Lee (South Korea), Veronica Merlo (Italy) with even a second newsletter and Tolga Aslanapa (Turkey). Many more interns published their reports in Arab-West Report. Our work is truly lifechanging. It shows interns a world beyond their own cultural homes. The work of interns also contributes substantially to building the database and thus informing a next generation of students with the texts they have produced.


I want to highlight in particular Dylan Schexnaydre and Ki William, Software engineer and intern coordinator since July 1, 2021.


Dylan started his translation internship on August 31, 2019 and continued until the end of last year. He came a few months after the untimely death of our senior translator Jeanne Rizkallah (April 3, 2019). A few months later we lost the support of Misereor and with this we were also not able to replace Jeanne and our editor Sara Abdel-Hamid became overloaded with additional translation and editing work. In the period of his internship Dylan contributed with hundreds of articles; translation, classifying and uploading. Most of Dylan’s work was done while he was in the USA. Dylan was a great support to Sara!!


We have not had funding for an intern coordinator for a number of years and were very pleased that Tunisian-Egyptian software engineer Ki William was willing to step into this void. His work has greatly helped us to get through 2021!!


We are welcoming new interns to our centre.


Internships can be on location in our office or online. Major areas where work can be done are:


Translations, you receive interesting texts from Arabic media and make a summary translation. All translation interns have appreciated the support and guidance they have received from our editor Sara Abdel-Hamid.


Database building, you receive articles for classification. We want all texts on our database to be fully classified since this will help seeing rapid connections between reported events. These interns work with our database manager Shady Salah. Classification means reading lots of interesting texts and gradually discovering the connections between reported events.


Journalist and reporting, you will work with me on subjects of your interest for publication in Arab-West Report.


Learning Centre interns, you will work with Principal Peter Mathias of the CAWU Learning Centre. Recently a number of interns agreed to work on a book about our learning centre for refugees. This is a large and challenging project but of course highly rewarding once published.


We also have internships in social media and other fields of interest.


If you are interested, please send us your CV and cover letter to [email protected], mentioning the field you would like to work on in the subject line. Inform other students who might be interested in interning with us. We can provide you with a letter of recommendation at the end of your internship.

Numerous students have benefited from this in the course of their studies or finding a paid job somewhere.


University professors and lecturers, please send this newsletter to your students and your colleagues.


Please support us with a donation to keep this work going on. It is of course not feasible that Sara Abdel-Hamid has insufficient support and that Ki William is doing his work without payment.  Please make your contribution to our work with interns through the Arab-West Foundation. Every single penny that the Arab-West Foundation receives for the internship program will be used for this purpose.



February 3, 2022

Cornelis Hulsman, Editor-in-Chief