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The season of the American campaigns against Egypt has started. The opening headlines of one of the biggest newspapers - "New York Times" - started its campaign against Egypt last month by criticizing the new law of the civil associations and describing it as "a law that aims at keeping the...
Following the spread of the rumor of appearances of the Virgin Mary at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Al-Minya Al-Qamh, Al-Sharqeyya Governorate, Pope Shenouda called for an investigation. The committee concluded that there have not been appearances.
A letter to the editor of Al-Akhbar by a Christian pharmacist complaining that the clamor about the building of churches is exaggerated.
Because of the attack of Selim Naguib, the RNSAW included the full text of the Report of the Council of Churches which concludes "It does not appear that the national government condones any acts of persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt." But " This is not to say that there is no...
Restorations to save the hanging Church begins.
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.
The citizens of the Hosh Eissa are complaining that their church, which was closed down after a terrorist attack, has not been reopened for seven years now. The law governing the repair of churches was modified allowing governors, instead of the president, to make that decision. The modified law,...


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