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Some people wonder about the conditions when a wife can divorce her husband when he marries or intends to marry a second wife. According to Egyptian Personal Status Law, there are several points relevant to such cases.
After Copts have suffered for years in court cases related to the distribution of inheritance shares, Professor Nelly Fam, an attorney of cassation (or appeals), succeeded in implementing the Coptic Orthodox Personal Status Law, with its provisions on inheritance, the entitlement of heirs, and the...
Thanks to pressures of social media, Mary Majdī escaped a possible death. After the spread of a video of her husband beating her with a stick and threatening her with a knife when he almost killed her. The husband was referred to trial, and the first of its sessions was last Thursday. The judge...
Dr Aḥmad Karīma, professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at al-Azhar University, has attacked the draft personal status law that is currently being reviewed in the House of Representatives. Shaykh Aḥmad Karīma stressed that the proposed penalty for a husband who does not inform his wife of his...
Nihād Abū al- Qumṣān, an activist for women's rights, said that Article 11 of the Personal Status Law obligates the husband to prove before the marriage official [al-māʾzūn] the number of his wives before marrying another.
Counselor ʿUmar Marawān, Minister of Justice, responded to Ibrāhīm ʿĪssā’s request, regarding the abolition of the religious field on national ID cards.
Farahat ben Younes [Faraḥāt bin Yūnis] is General Inspector of Civic Education, President of the Association of the Civic Education, civil society activist and interested in issues of gender.
Al-Wafd interviewed newly ordained Archbishop of the Anglican/Episcopal Church Sāmī Fawzī, discussing several topics like the new personal status law and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute.  The interview is as follows:
After a life filled with significant events and achievements that preserved her name in Egypt’s history and the Arab world, Jīhān al-Sādāt, wife of the late Egyptian President Anwar al-Sādāt, has died at the age of 88.
After 76 years of asking for a Christian personal status law in Egypt, churches and the government have agreed on a bill that will be revealed soon after it goes to the House of Representatives to be approved.


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