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Learning to think about religion/religions in a multi-disciplinary way Understanding the concept of “sacred history” Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Interpretations of sacred history
This is the transcript of the presentation H.E. Bishop Dr. Yohanna Qulta (84) gave at the Webinar on Inclusive Citizenship on September 26, 2020. This transcript was made by Shady Saleh elSherif. Before Bishop Qulta became a priest he was teaching philosophy at Cairo University, Egypt. He is a...
Dr. Tarek al-Gawhary, MA Azhar University, PhD Princeton University, advisor to Sheikh Dr. Ali Goma’a. explained the thought process in Islamic Law and how a Muslim jurist can think about the concept of inclusive citizenship in a historical context. The basis is in the Constitution of Medina or the...
A lecture from Dr. Tarek Mansour on Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East.
About the demographic structure of Jordan
In my recent article, I highlighted that Israel’s brutal aggression on the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip has raised important questions about the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the historical justifications behind its creation.  
On Friday, November 17, Orthodox Copts commemorated the consecration anniversary of Martyr Mār Jirjis (Saint George) Church in al-Lod city, Palestine, through special prayers in their churches, as documented in the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Synaxarium.  
A member of the Holy Synod’s Coptic History Committee, Coptic researcher Ibrāhīm al-Bājūshī, said the popes of the Coptic Orthodox Church have always been defending Jerusalem.
An Azhari scholar said that authentic Sufism is the veneration of ‘Āl al-Bayt (the Prophet’s Household), as well as the pursuit of the ethics of the Prophet Muḥammad, adding that every Muslim must illuminate their hearts with prayers to God and glorification of the Prophet.
The dean of the Uṣul al-Dīn (Theology) College in al-Minūfīya province, Dr. Khālid ʿAbd al-ʿĀl, said Imām al-Sayīd al-Badawī has enriched Islamic Sufism, adding that the imām had dreamt of coming to Egypt three times.


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