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Dār al-Iftāʾ’s Islamophobia Observatory in Egypt, praised the popular solidarity initiatives that European Muslims in the West started with the victims of terrorist attacks that have struck some European capitals.  All of this comes amidst a series of provocative statements and incidents towards...
The churches, both in Egypt and throughout the world, cried over the Notre Dame fire that consumed the roof of the cathedral before toppling one of its massive towers.  
  Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian far-right extremist, has been sentenced to at least 21 years in prison after a court declared he was sane throughout his murderous rampage last year that killed 77 people and wounded 242. The Oslo district court declared its verdict that the 33-year-old was...
Shuhaīb Sultan, the former head of the Islamic Center in Norway and a member of the Greens Party is running for the elections to become Oslo’s mayor
During his visit to Norway, Pope Tawadros, called upon the Norwegian government to support Egypt in the reforms its is undertaking to achieve democracy.
Pope Tawadros left Cairo yesterday for some European cities including Oslo, Helsinki, and Vienna. 
Pope Tawadros II is traveling to Norway and Finland in a four day visit, 19- 21 June. 
Editor AWR: It is unbelievable how many misunderstandings exist about safety in Sīwah [Siwa]. This is probably because of the proximity of Sīwah to the Egyptian-Libyan borders; however fears about safety in Sīwah are not justified. It was therefore good to hear the experiences of the Norwegian...
In this press conference, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, ʿAmrū Muḥammad Mūsā, talks about the-then upcoming MENA Conference in Cairo and the recent developments in the Middle-East peace process.Side A:
The Foreign Minister states that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s newly...


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