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The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has unanimously adopted the drafted resolution by Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to promote a culture of peace and tolerance with regards to the protection of religious sites.
Egypt's Tourism Minister Dr. Rāniyā al-Mashāṭ participated in a discussion session entitled “Global Initiatives for Empowering Women and Closing Gender Gaps in Job Opportunities” as a part of the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit held during the period from 23 to 24...
Polish President Andrzej Duda is holding the Israeli government responsible for recently enflaming anti-Semitism in his country.  The Jewish-American website “Jewish Insider” reported that in a meeting with prominent American Jewish leaders at the Polish consulate in New York City, the Polish...
The authorities in Belgium raised security alert in the country, as well as in other European countries to take similar steps, as angry reactions are expected to follow the broadcast of the new movie offending Islam.
Mursī, during his meeting with the Egyptian community in the United States while attending the UN General Assembly meetings in New York, had denied there are sectarian problems in Egypt. 
Some Coptic organizations announced planned protests outside the UN building in New York during Egyptian President Muhammad Mursī’s visit Monday
Ambassador Mirvat Tillāwī, Head of the National Council for Women, stated that during her participation in the population and development conference that was recently held in New York, she felt a regression against women’s rights. She added that this is not only in Islamic countries, but added that...
On Thursday April 10, a forum met in the Federal Court in New York to discuss the situation of the Copts in Egypt and their protection within Egypt. It is alleged that their rights and freedoms were violated during the revolutionary events.  
The Financial Times stated that the US is trying to support Egypt in its battle against ISIS.
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria, pointed out that there are strong indications of improvement in Egypt.


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