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On Sunday, Kabul once again fell under the control of the Taliban [Ṭālibān], as the movement began a new era of hard-line rule in the city, twenty years after their removal from power.    Today, regional and national voices warn of the consequences of Taliban's takeover of the government. Questions...
The Afghan ambassador in Cario, Mohammad Moheq [Muḥammad Muḥiq], confirmed that ‘the Taliban [Ṭalibān] is currently using ‘soft’ methods to deal with matters so far, but there is no guarantee of what they will do over the coming year.”
I just returned from a visit to the UK where I attended a church service in Startfort, London. Stratfort is an area with a large percentage of Muslims living in it. They prayed for the victims of the Manchester bombing while simultaneously speaking with great love about their Muslim neighbours....
With the tensions that have escalated between the West and the Islamic world since the September 11th attacks, foreign governments have advocated for a reform of religious education in Muslim-majority countries.
The author discusses the knighthood being awarded to Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses.” This action has again fuelled tensions between the Arab world and the West. The author comments on the situation, and questions where this animosity really originates.
The spokesman of "Al- Mohagereen" (immigrants) group in Pakistan declared that 700 British-Muslims were fighting with the Taliban forces. He mentioned a list of volunteers, which included Muslims from European countries and the US and pointed out that Arab-Afghans supervised the volunteers travel...
Interview about the opinion of the Coptic Orthodox Church on the attack on September 11 and the attack on Afghanistan. The bishop is criticizing Egyptian media and fears escalation.
The article gives information about the geography and demography of Afghanistan and its economic indicators. This is in addition to a historical background that has to do with the Soviet occupation, the civil war and the Taliban government.
Metropolitan Abba Seraphim’s critique of a paper by Bishop Munīr on the relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, presented at the annual interfaith dialogue meeting of the Anglican communion and the Permanent Committee of the Azhar al-Sharif for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions.
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