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Dr. Ṣalāḥ Harīdī, an architecture professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University, and head of the winning team in the competition to revive al-Nūrī Mosque complex in Mosul, expressed understanding of the criticism faced by the team.
UNESCO announced that an Egyptian team from the University of Alexandria won the international competition to rebuild the al-Nūrī Mosque Complex in Mosul, Iraq.  The team was led by Professor of Architecture Dr. Ṣalāḥ al-Harīdī and included eight other Egyptian architects.
Prominent Christians and organizations worldwide voiced their alarm as the city of Mosul was emptied of Christians for the first time in the history of Iraq. The Egyptian Orthodox Church condemned the forced displacement of Christians from Mosul, while Pope Francis expressed his feelings of shame...
Several Islamist groups have come out against the terrorist actions of ISIS in Iraq and their displacement of Christians in the Mosul region of Iraq, specifically declaring these actions in clear opposition to Islamic jurisprudence. 
Dr. Muhamad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, declared that there is no doubt that that which is circulating on social media websites regarding Zionists’ boasting over the murder of 13 Palestinian children only shows their evident racism and is a blatant sign of their inhumanity.
The Ministry of Endowments released a strong statement yesterday regarding the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organizations both within and beyond Egypt. 
The Orthodox Coptic Patriarchy in Alexandria announced that is will be holding a prayer service tonight with a specified section dedicated towards praying for the Christians in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq.
There is an ongoing crisis for Christians in Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city, forcing them to leave their homes and cities. 
Since June 30, 2013, sporadic acts of violence and terrorism have risen to the surface of the public sphere, and armed Takfīri groups and movements have systematically adopted the use of violence. However, over time, smaller groups active in different parts of the country, have targeted both state...
It is natural that Egypt is targeted from all sides during a period where the Arab World is trying to find balance. Egypt is ordered to play a passive role on the Arab countries’ level, especially after the rapprochement that was achieved during the Dead Sea Summit, where King Sulaymān Bin ʿAbd al-...


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