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The governorate of al-Minyā made a statement, emphasizing that what is being published and circulated on social media about the destruction of al-Fatḥ Mosque in Dafsh village in the center of Samāllūt is not true. 
Two AWR interns investigate the news coverage of a dispute that took place in al-Tayyibah village, Minia. They analyzed the press reports of the incident and then look at the reconciliation sessions that took place in the wake of the conflict.
The following article lists examples of Muslim-Christian incidents since 1996 with an analysis of the different causes leading to such unfortunate incidents. This report was presented to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Council for Human Rights.
Muslims raise funds to resume construction on a church in Upper Egypt.
The number of articles published about Christmas reflects the attention the Egyptian press paid to celebrations of it. The article gives a list of the articles published in five newspapers.
A priest and two members of the church board of Taha al-‘Ameda died after an accident with a speeding car driven by a police officer in the early hours of Sunday May 2. Problems started after six meters of a poorly built fence the old Mar Mina church in Taha al-‘Ameda collapsed because of a strong...
Bishop Paphnotius responded to questions of readers of AWR. The interview gives an update about the developments following the tragic death of the priest and two Christians of Taha al-‘Ameda after our report of May 6 [AWR 2004, week 19, art. 30]
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