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Copts in Farshūt, north of Qinā governorate, participated in the opening of the new al-Raḥmān Mosque in the village of al-Hāj Salām, after its renovation which was paid for by the people.
The attack on the church in Alexandria this weekend marked a new deep trench in the deteriorating relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Shortly before this act of terror Trouw gauged the atmosphere among Egyptian Christians and Muslims.1)      
Tribalism floods the Naj‘ Hammādī and Farshūt districts, especially against candidate ‘Abd al-Rahīm al-Ghūl. His opponents are trying to use his alleged involvement with suspects of the Naj‘ Hammādī incident against him. Al-Ghūl insists the Naj‘ Hammādī incident will have no effect on the elections...
This article reports on the development of the trial of the Christian man accused of raping the girl of Farshūt, before a new judicial circle.
This article details the trial and background of the three men charged with perpetrating the shooting in Nag Hammadi on the Coptic Christmas Eve.  
Two trials related to the recent Nag Hammadi incident have been adjourned. The first trial involved three suspects in the shooting the other involved Girgis Baroumi Girgis—the man accused of provoking the incident by raping a 12 year old Muslim girl. Girgis’ defense team had requested that the case...
The attorney resolves a problem that was reportedly considered a threat of new sectarian strife in Egypt.    
Jeff Jacoby sets the persecution of the Copts in Egypt in a context of wider persecution against Christians all over the world, including in Iraq, China, Somalia and others.
Bishop Kyrillus of Naj‘ Hammādī reports on the sectarian attacks in Farshūt to Pope Shenouda III, and accuses the governor of Qena and members of the People’s Assembly of being negative towards the problem.
Bishop Kyrillos of Naj‘ Hammādī criticizes the governor’s reluctance to compensate those harmed in incidents in Farshūt and announced resorting to Pope Shenouda to find a solution.


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