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An Egyptian Islamist who holds Pakistani citizenship demanded that he be transferred from Abu Za’bal prison [in Egypt] to Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, where almost 580 Qa’ida and Taliban detainees are imprisoned, claiming that he would receive better treatment there. He claimed that he is...
The first annual report of the National Council for Human Rights, which depended mainly on the reports of the more experienced civil society organizations and their demands and recommendations during the past 20 years, was so frail that it is acting as an organization strictly receiving complaints...
The author considers the rights of minorities and if the rights afforded to them hold up to the standards of Sharī‘ah and the Qur’ān.
Eighteen suspects of Egypt’s Jund Allāh [God’s soldiers] have ended their hunger strike after some of their demands were met, according to well-placed informed fundamentalist sources.
For three days, Al-Khanka had lived in nervousness after a sit-in-strike, by Copts inside a Church which was closed ten years ago, threatened to cause communal unrest. The published report tells of the crisis, and the wise role of Pope Shenouda who was responsible for it ending peacefully.
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