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The Azhar does not report about the real figures of those who convert to Islām out of fear for sectarian riots.
Safā’ Mustafá warns about the spread of new private Islamic institutes which are not supervised by either the Azhar or the Ministry of Awqāf. She believes that these could promote false teachings of Islām with their emphasis on less educated preachers.
The article deals with a visit by a US delegation to the Faculty of Sharī‘a and Law, the Azhar University, to discuss Muslim-West relations and get acquainted with the true image of Islam.
Security Police continued to siege the Azhar University City and the near by buildings. Families of students on strike arrived on the scene to seek information on their children. However, security personnel did not allow them to enter the compound.
The author quotes extensively from imam al-Baqouri who was known for his positive attitudes towards Christians.
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