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Four people were wounded in a gunfight between Muslims and Copts on November 10 over a quarrel for priority to buy kusharī (a mix of pasta, rice, lentils, chick-peas, spicy tomato sauce and fried onions) in the area of al-Dikhīlah in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.
The article is based on an interview with Bishop Mūsá the bishop of youth in the Coptic Orthodox Church. The bishop talked about problems of Copts in Egypt and the church’s relation with Coptic activists in the West.
Bishop Bīshūy meets with the governor of Alexandria to discuss the recent tension in Muslim-Christian relations there.
Counselor ‘Abd al-Muḥsin ‘Abd al-Ghaffār set a judicial precedent when he revoked the appealed decision which acquitted the 25 suspects in al-Dikhīlah sectarian incidents and renewed their imprisonment for 30 days.
The sectarian sedition which occurred in Alexandria and moved from Muharram Bik to al-‘Asāfrah and al-Jaysh Street in al-Dikhīlah could also move to other places if the individuals responsible are not exposed and punished.
The Inter Press Service news agency has issued a report on the recent sectarian incidents that Egypt has witnessed. The report says that the current episodic violent conflicts are the greatest threat the country has ever faced.
The article reflects on the recent Muslim-Christian sectarian clashes in al-Dukhaylah al-Jabal in Alexandria. The article believes that the spread of sectarianism in Alexandria, which used to be the land of tolerance and coexistence, poses a critical threat to the unity of Egyptian people.
The Elementary Court in Alexandria releases the seven suspected in al-Dikhīlah sectarian violence incidents. Moderate of both sides held a reconciliation session at the end of which they issued recommendations to avoid any similar incidents in the future.
The article reviews a number of speeches delivered during last Friday’s prayers in different cities across the country.
A new sectarian incident took place in al-Dukhaylah province in Alexandria when some Muslims attacked a Coptic Orthodox Church after a normal quarrel between Muslim and Christian children. The attack left 25 injured on both sides and damages to the church building.


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