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Subtitles:A phenomenon that worries international intelligence agencies; Cooperation between Sunni and Shiaa groups to establish a unified organizationItaly has become the base for the activities of the extremist groups smuggling weaponsClaims that Osama Bin Ladin is attempting to establish an...
Islamic thinker Dr. al-Fayoumī believes that having Shi’ites in Egypt does not represent a problem, as long as subversive Shi’ite sects are avoided.
The Shura Council has agreed upon establishing a national council for human rights. The author interviewed many human rights activists to give their comments on the advantages and disadvantages of establishing such a council.
In this 1949 article, the late Egyptian intellectual ‘Abbās al-‘Aqqād argues that the Muslim Brotherhood, which he says has sparked unprecedented sedition in Egyptian society, has dubious origins, saying that the grandfather of the Brotherhood founder was a watch fixer in Morocco, a job that was...
The article affirms that Hamās, being one of the branches of the international organization of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has followed in the footsteps of the latter by getting involved in politics and entering the legislative elections in an attempt to seek a new legitimacy and gain new ground.
Denmark’s foreign minister calls on Muslims and their leaders around the world to look beyond the big news headlines and the inflammatory rhetoric concerning the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and points out Denmark’s positive relations with the Arab world.
Arab ambassadors to Denmark delivered a letter of protest to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemning 12 drawings of the Prophet Muhammad published few days ago by a Danish daily.
AWR lecture tour in Germany shows many misconceptions about Egypt.
Presenting the ideas of CAWU and AWR in several workshops, lectures and conferences. Ongoing tensions following the alleged conversion of the wife of a priest in Abū al-Matāmīr. Still trying to obtain NGO status.
Text of a lecture for students and professors of different faculties at the University of Copenhagen, November 3, 2004, about plans to establish the Center for Arab-West Understanding in Cairo, Egypt. The text explains that intercultural tensions do exist but can be combated with good information.


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