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Several professors and scholars of the Azhar University fiercely criticized President George Bush’s speech before the Israeli Knesset last Thursday for ignoring the rights of Palestinians and their sufferings.
Egyptian Minister of Culture Fārūq Husnī denies circulated rumors about permitting three Israeli novels at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, stressing that he is not with the naturalization of the relationships with Israel before "just and general" peace is achieved.
‘Abīr ‘Atiyyah reports about the studies and papers presented in the annual conference for the Egyptian Organization for historical studies.
Hasan ‘Allām comments on the recent meetings between the Islamic preacher, Dr. Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī, and rabbis.
The following interview discusses the political events in the life of Shaykh al-Mahillawī. It examines the different Egyptian regimes he witnessed since the Egyptian revolution.
One of the founders of the group Egyptians Against Discrimination announces her withdrawal from the group under pretext of tackling issues that are irrelevant to the group’s objectives.
Drs. Hulsman and Dr. Burslem provide a detailed report on Muslim-Christian relations based on a review of Dr. Hugh Goddard’s book, commenting on a number of issues including Western perceptions, mis-interpretations, and examples of recent incidents involving Muslims and Christians.
Rāmī Rushdī reports on Jacky Trevane’s book ‘Fatwa: Living with a Death Threat.’
Imān al-Najjār reports about the recent fatwás issued by unqualified people.
The Supreme Emergency Court of the State Security in al-Ismā‘īlīyah extend the detention of the accused of terrorist bombing in Sinai and Sharm al-Shaykh of 2005 and 2006.


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