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“Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions”, Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, 28 October, 1965, Article 3.   “The Church has also a high regard for the Muslims.  They worship God, who is one, living and subsistent, merciful and almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has...
Bishop Yūhannā Qultah, deputy of the Patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church in Cairo points out the significance of inter-religious dialogue as a divine issue that leads to a better reality.
Al-Jumhūriyah reports about the interview of Yediot Ahronoth with Farūq Husnī, Egyptian Minister of Culture.
Wajīh Ramzī writes about St. Marqus, the apostle who introduced Christianity to Egypt.
Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, chairman of Ibn Khaldūn Center for Development Studies reports on his paper that was presented to a conference that was held in Rome under the title: ’The Cross, the Crescent and the Ballot Box.’ Ibrāhīm’s paper discussed Islam and democracy. In the following lines Ibrāhīm...
Lawyer Muntasir al-Zayyāt will deliver a speech in Rome about the circumstances which force Islamists to be involved in violence and terrorism.
In the article, Bishop Maximus I, head of Saint Athanasius Church’s Synod, responds to a previous article by the Copt journalist Hānī Labīb, in which he had attacked Maximus.
A nun, director of a catholic school accuses another nun of the same congregation and other clergymen and laymen of complying to take over the school and its funds to transfer it to Rome.
The article explains various facts about the Knights of Malta, and considers the influence that they may potentially exert throughout Europe and various parliaments and governments.
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women in the diplomatic corps who played great roles in the political and diplomatic fields.


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