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An interview made by Al-Wasat with Mustafa Kamel, also known by Abu Hamzah Al-Masry, prior to his detention by the British authorities in London.
Forty-four suspected Islamic militants pleaded not guilty to charges of plotting to unseat the regime when they appeared in a military court on February 4. Most asked the judge to discredit their alleged confessions, because they claim the confessions were extracted under torture.
Forty-four suspected members of Egypt’s most violent militant organization, Jihad, last week pleaded not guilty before a military court to charges of membership of an illegal group bent on using terror to overthrow the government, planning the assassination of top officials and security staff, and...
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli said, "Terrorism is now denounced by people who had previously sympathized with underground groups, believing them to be Islamists preaching religion."
An interview with the Minister of Interior about the security situation; releasing fundamentalist detainees, fighting terrorism, the minister’s refusal to meet with the Muslims Brothers, the branch of the F. B. I. in Cairo, Egypt’s attitude to Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
Most requests for refugee status are based on false claims, says the author who gives examples of terrorists who were granted asylum in Europe.
Also Al-Osbua gives a background on Osama Bin Laden and his former connections with the US.
A suspected extremist killed three nuns in Hodeidah, Yemen.


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