Meeting the Maspero Youth Union: Interviews Vol. 1

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Sat, 2014-12-27
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Meeting the Maspero Youth Union: Interviews Vol. 1


AWR, Cairo, December 27, 2014

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the interviews I had with Coptic activists in Arab-West Report. 

The first two interviews to be published on Arab-West Report are with MYU General-Coordinator Mina Magdy, and Bishoy Tamry - head of Education and Training.
These interviews were held in context of my research concerning a Coptic activist group called the Maspero Youth Union (MYU). The MYU is well-known for its demanding of equal rights for Copts based on their identity as Egyptian citizens. Although the principle of civil equality is guaranteed in the 
Egyptian Constitution, many Copts feel that they are treated as second-class citizens in daily life. My research focuses on what kind of activities the MYU has been doing since their inception in April 2011, and how their activities have evolved over time. In this way, I hope to provide insight into a Coptic activist group and their activities, and thus to contribute to general understanding of Coptic activism for those who are not acquainted with this topic.
René Witteveen

Research Intern with the Center for Arab-West Understanding


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