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The article reflects on the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The author discusses the various strategies that Hamās and Fatah are taking and analyzes the possible different Israeli reactions to the situation.
The author deals with a documentary called ‘Jesus Camp’ in which children learn to sacrifice their souls for their religion and are prepared to take their place in the Lord’s army, fighting the powers of evil and corruption.
Osama Salama´s words are sharp, full of anger about Coptic emigrants. People in Egypt, other Arab countries, Europe, the US and Israel itself protest against the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. But where are the voices of the emigrant Copts and Arab Christians? We checked the Copts...
Betsy Brian, an Egyptologist at the John Hopkins University, commented that the audience’s reactions to “The Passion of the Christ” is not related to the religious aspect of the movie, but is rather a reaction to a “horror movie” full of bloody scenes that attract teenagers and young audience.
US Secretary of Defense William Cohen abruptly canceled a trip to Albania this week after US officials determined that supporters of Saudi-born bombing suspect Osama bin Laden were looking to strike a "high-profile target," ABC News reported on July 16.
A rare interview conducted in one of the secret camps of Usama Bin Laden by ABC News.
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