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The article deals with the shift in US policy from their rejection of dialogue with Islamists to their welcoming them in power, as a way to guarantee that American interests in the area remain intact.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation?
President Ahmet Necdet Sezer of Turkey has vetoed an amendment to the country’s new penal code that would reduce penalties for teaching unauthorized courses on the Koran.
The author ascribes the unprecedented success of Hamās in the recent parliamentary elections to several factors, most notably its Islamic thrust.
In this interview, renowned intellectual and philosopher Murād Wahbā expresses his belief that Hamās has two alternatives; either to succeed in destroying Israel or to change its policy and accept negotiations with Israel. He says that the existance of a strong secular movement is the solution to...
The scenes of the national unity iftār [fast-breaking meal during the holy Muslim month of Ramadān] and the shaykh of the Azhar sitting next to the pope on official occasions no longer reflect the new reality.
Many decisions taken later by the Erdogan government were incompatible with the U.S. interests as Washington found out that Erdogan and his party were stuck to their conservative Islamic popular platform whenever the need arises.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Sa‘īd examines the success of the Turkish experiment, considered by moderate Muslims to be a model for democratic Islam.
The Turkish government pulled back the draft law criminalizing adultery and penalizing adulterers with prison. Turkish media outlets, feminine organizations and a number of government officials launched a fierce campaign to drop the proposal. It seems that political and media pressures managed to...
Adel Guindy responded to Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s article “Islam Can Vote, If We Let It” [art. 5] saying that the article provides a good insight about what Dr. Ibrahim has been repeatedly telling high-level politicians in Washington D.C. and academics and media in the world’s main capitals for...


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