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The prominent Iraqi religious leader Muqtadā al-Ṣadr was criticised by Iraqi commentators for his inconsistent positions in relation to the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the leader of the Iranian al-Quds brigades.  In the comments Muqtadā al-Ṣadr was described as a follower to the Iranian orders and...
After Saturday protests against President al-Bashīr’s government, clashes between the protesters and the Sudanese security forces led to the killing of 5 people and more than 25 wounded. An eyewitness said that those demonstrations in Omdurman [Umm Durmān], seems to be the biggest since their...
The Archdiocese c of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe supported joining the Moscow Patriarchate through a general assembly vote, however the decision has not yet been ratified, according to a statement by the Archdiocese on Sunday, September 8th.
Middle East Online Website published an article on August 24 entitled “Egypt’s Morsi scraps preventive detention for publishing crimes” by Dominique Soguel. Below is the original text of the article: Egyptian newspaper editor Islam Afifi was freed after a few hours in custody on Thursday, a...
Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on Saturday that only the first paragraph of Article 10, which grants the interior ministry authority to deny protest requests, was unconstitutional.
Egyptian Telecommunication Network Channel Nile Sat has officially suspended satellite broadcasts in Cairo of the Hizbollāh-owned Al-Manār channel. “We stopped broadcasting Al-Manār because the content of its programs is sectarian and provokes Fitna and incitement, the Egyptian Company said.
An Egyptian court has sentenced a student to three years in jail for announcing on Facebook that he is an atheist and for insulting Islam, his lawyer said Sunday.
The number of protesters outside the US embassy in Cairo began to decrease Tuesday night after thousands had gathered earlier to protest a film they said was being produced in the United States that insults the Prophet Mohamed.
Egyptian media gave much less attention to the July 18 attack that cost the lives of five Israelis and wounded thirty three as reported in Israeli and/or Western media.  In this article I will list what I found in Egyptian (Arab) media:
While Israel have pitched into contacts with Egypt to prepare arrangements on the return of its Ambassador to Cairo, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest fundamentalist bloc in society, are demanding a revision of relations with the Jewish state in connection with the Camp David Accords.


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