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While the majority of Muslims call to boycott The Netherlands because of the offensive movie ’Fitna,’ some extremists attacked Dutch interests in certain countries. However, Dr, ‘Alī Jum‘ah, the muftī of Egypt explained the way he reacted: “I carried the Glorious Qur’ān, kissed it and read it for...
The issue of the formation of a legal Muslim Brotherhood political party has re-surfaced after the speaker of the People’s Assembly stated that it is time to establish such a party.
Al-Ahrār publishes the report of the Supreme Council of the Press of February, 2008. The report covered Egyptian newspapers and pointed out the violations and the remarks made to every newspaper in fields related to; the documentation of news, violations of the public decency, the rules of...
The article describes a homicidal incident which involved two brothers who killed their sister to avenge the family’s honor and dignity.
The article reports on the rejection of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s appeal against a previous verdict that allows Copts to re-marry after obtaining a court divorce.
The article presents the reactions of Egyptian newspapers to the increasing offensives against the Prophet Muhammad in Western media.
The article reviews a four-article series published in the daily al-Ahrār on a recent book by Max Michel Hannā – known as Bishop Maximus – on his personal experience with leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church, as well as his so-called reformatory tendency.
Over two days, Sālim al-Sharīf presents two papers that were discussed in the Coptic Conference for activating citizenship rights in Egypt. He presents the papers of Ihāb ‘Azīz, the head of the Coptic-American Friendship Association, and that of Dr. Nabīl cAbd al-Malik, the head of the Canadian...
Scores of thinkers has attacked the Cairo First Conference on the Activation of Citizenship, saying it promotes sectarianism and raises wonders about the nature of relationship between the expatriate Copts in the West and foreign political powers.
Although the banned Muslim Brotherhood group has been subjected to a massive security crackdown that resulted in the arrest of hundreds of its members and key figures, it has announced that it would run in the forthcoming elections for the local councils.


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