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Al-Azhar, under the leadership of Grand Imām Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, has been committed to preserving the moderate nature of Islam, despite efforts by extremists on either side to undermine and distort its image through their troubled understanding of Islamic teachings.
Under the auspices of Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, al-Azhar is taking part in the 55th edition of the CIBF for the eighth year running with a special pavilion in the event that continues for two weeks from January 24 to February 6 at Egypt's International Exhibitions Center (EIEC) in the 5th Settlement.
The Azhar Fatwā Global Center explained the rules of zakāt (alms-giving) according to the Islamic sharī ͑a. It affirmed that zakāt is one of the five pillars of Islam according to the Holy Qurʾān, which commanded “Take, [O, Muḥammad], from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and cause...
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