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During the TV program '90 Minutes' broadcast on Al-Mehwar channel, Dr. Mo`taz `Abd al-Fattāh, professor of political science, said that were the ousted Mursi still in power, he would have treated the protesters more harshly than the way the current regime has treated the supporters of the Muslim...
Egypt's Constituent Assembly has passed a draft constitution that fails to protect women's rights or guarantee religious freedom, Human Rights Watch said. [Maḥmūd Husām, al-Taḥrīr, Dec. 1, p. 10] Read original text in Arabic
Priest Abdel Messih Baseet called the news of Kamilia's upcoming appearance on television a mere speculation based on the Pope's interview with Al-Ahram newspaper. On the other hand, Hany Aziz assured Amr Adeeb that Kamilia would definitely appear on television starting with the Al-Yawm channel...
Today, many Copts are complaining about the hate messages delivered in the sermons of imāms. Such messages label Copts as pagans and encourage Muslims to correct such “sin”; additionally, Copts have been wrongfully accused of questionable allegations. These charges and solicitations have led to...
The author accuses Egyptian preacher ‘Amr Khālid of lying when he claimed that he comes from a wealthy family in order to justify the multi-million dollar wealth that he has amassed.
Islām Kamāl and Shawqī ‘Isām attacks the private press and satellite channels, accusing them of contributing to the increasing feeling of depression in Egyptians’ lives.
The article looks at recent incidents of fundamentalism in Egypt, citing the examples of a university course at Alexandria University and an Islamic thinker who has accused priests of secretly baptising converts.
The author thinks all Muslims are accused of terrorism unless they accept kneeling before the Western hegemony.
The Judiciary Administrative Court has extended its deliberations over Bishop Maximus’s appeal against the Ministry of Interior, in which he asks for official recognition of his newborn Orthodox church, named St. Athanasius Orthodox Church.
The laymen’s front had intended to file a lawsuit against Father Marqus ‘Azīz and Father ‘Abd al-Masīḥ Basīṭ, but retreated for the sake of Coptic unity.


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