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The Alexandria Millī (Community) Council  in a letter to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) demanded, that investigations into the January 1, 2011 bombing attack that targeted the Church of the Two Saints, Saint Mark and Pope Peter in Alexandria, be re-opened. They are demanding the...
Church sources confirm news about Bishop Yu’annis leaving his position as Pope Shenouda III’s personal secretary.
Mahrūs asks for Tharwat Basīlī’s to go on trial for his transgressions and attacks directed towards the church, the pope, the Community Council and the General Clerical Council.
The article discusses Pope Shenouda’s views on a number of key issues discussed in the Coptic community. It discusses the Coptic Church stance on divorce and the key events in 2008.
Drs. Hulsman points to a number of articles in this issue that deal with sectarian strife, and the political trends that are gaining notoriety in the Egyptian public. He additionally points to the number of articles that discuss the process of divorce in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
A controversial amendment to personal status regulation highlights the question as to whether Coptic marriages and divorces are under the jurisdiction of the church or the state.
The Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church conducted amendments to the Personal Status Law of Copts known as the law of 1938. The Egyptian media shed light on the issue and the different reactions to it.
The amendments to the 1938 statute are being debated by the Christian denominations in Egypt. While the State Council's deputy chairman said that it contains points that violate the law, others such as Coptic thinker Kamāl Zākhir believes that it will encourage Christians to convert to Islam.
Karīmah Sūwaydān writes about the initiative to establish a Catholic university in Egypt.
Dr. Mamdūh Halīm writes about the history of the Sectarian Council in the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt.


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