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Rihām ‘Atif reports on the Franciscan School and its decision to prevent its students to wear hijāb.
Tāriq Yūsuf reports about the Franciscan school’s issue with hijāb- wearing women.
Tharwat al-Kharabāwī denounces the church’s and Lawyers’ Deputy Sāmih ‘Āshūr’s refusal to execute court rulings. He responds to Hānī Labīb’s articles, accusing him of confusing the civil state and theocracy. In his opinion all court rulings should be respected and executed even when people reject...
Numayrī Shūmān reports on a decision of a nuns’ school administration to ban female students from wearing Ḥijāb at school, which made a number of parents to file complaints against the decision.
Franciscan School’s Administration asserted that the administration had agreed with students’ parents at the beginning of the school year to prevent hijābs in classrooms, and that both parents and students have agreed.
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