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A fake phone call affiliated with the Brotherhood was leaked on the media platforms. The phone call intended to undermine the security of the homeland, by spreading rumors and false news , provoking disturbances among citizens and distorting the image of state institutions before public opinion....
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced the end of a plan aimed at reviving the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood and finding sources of funding for its terrorist activities.
Lawyer Khālid ʿAlī submitted a complaint to prove an assault against former political and parliamentary activist Ziyād al-ʿUlaymī in prison.
For the first time, the Ministry of Interior has launched a campaign to vaccinate prisoners against COVID-19 as ordered by Minister of Interior Major General Maḥmūd Tawfīq.
After seeing posts on Facebook criticizing Pope Tawāḍrūs and the Coptic Orthodox Church for neglecting defrocked monk Ashʿiyāʾ al-Maqārī‎ [Wāʾil Saʿad Tawāḍrūs], the man accused of killing Bishop Epiphanius [Epīphāniyyūs], Afarāyim Ṣāliḥ, priest for prison services in al-Buḥayrah Diocese, revealed...
In a letter sent to Egyptian Public Prosecutor Ḥamāda al-Ṣāwī, Amnesty International expressed its concern over the situation of imprisoned Egyptian journalist Sulāfa Majdī.
A human rights delegation visited Ṭura Prison and inspected the prisoners’ living conditions there after accepting an invitation from the Ministry of Interior.
On Sunday morning, the Ministry of Interior organized a tour inside Egypt’s Prisons Authority for human rights organizations and foreign media outlets to inspect prison conditions.
As the activist ʿAlāʾ ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ entered the 27th day of his hunger strike, his family attempted for the 16th time to bring some basic necessities to him, including a rehydration solution, medicine and vitamins.
The Ministry of Interior in a statement announced the killing of seven terrorists during a police raid in the al-Amīrriyya neighborhood of Cairo on Tuesday evening.  The statement added that an officer in the National Security Division was killed, and three other security officers were injured in...


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