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Fr. Dāwūd Khalīl of the Virgin Mary Church in al-Ḥawātikah, in collaboration with Mustaqbal Waṭan party, have distributed ʾIftār meals to fasting passengers on road at sunset before al-Maghrib prayer.
The first hours of voting in the referendum to amend the Egyptian constitution, Saturday, witnessed a weak turnout of voters in most governorates.  Attempts to mobilize Copts and women in an effort to confront low voter turnout were evident with the start of Egyptians voting at home.  Voting will...
Within the framework of their external tour for inviting the Egyptian expatriates to exercise their right to participate in the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments, the delegation of the Future of a Nation (Mustaqbal Waṭan) Party met with the leadership of the Egyptian community in Italy.
  The Secretariat of Specialized Committees of the Future of the Homeland [political] party, headed by Engineer Muḥammad al-Jārḥī, organized their first forum under the title, "New Prospects Against Extremism" on Monday evening.
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