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Dr. Muṣṭafa al-Fiqī, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, said that the Christians of the Arab countries have been subjected to unprecedented violations, killings, displacement and aggression against their churches, as a result of escalating waves of extremism and terrorism. He added that the...
In response to an invitation from the United Nations (UN) and the German University of Bonn, the Grand Mufti, Dr. Shawqi `Allām left to Germany this morning, to Bonn’s’ University, which is considered one of the biggest universities in Europe, to deliver a lecture on “Islam, contemporary issues and...
Karen Armstrong comments on the present world status and calls for dialogue among religions.
The article discusses Muslims living in Europe, and the need to understand that Islam is an integral part of culture within Europe.
The author believes the question posed by the University of Oxford "Why do people believe in religions?’’ is strange and frivolous. He refuses to divide humans into religious and non religious categories.
A non-Muslim academic established an Islamic center in Oxford. The following lines present an interview with Dr. David George Browning in which he gives information about the center and the surrounding circumstances.
The controversial statements of the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sparked contradictory reactions. While Western and Christian observers attacked him, Muslim thinkers and intellectuals hailed him as a wise just clergyman. The Egyptian media reacted more to the angry reactions than to the...
The following article highlights the life of the Reverend Professor John Macquarrie, who passed on May 28, 2007. He has been hailed as a master of Christian theology.
The following article presents an overview of the Annual Anglican-Al Azhar Interfaith Meeting that implicitly dealt with dialogue and means of furthering it. Wisam al-Deweny provides her input on the subject, and recommends means of improving this dialogue in the future.
Dr. Rif‘at al-Sa‘īd writes about the system of khalīfah [Islamic Caliphate] in Egypt. He describes its rise and fall, and the significant factors involved therein.


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