Peacebuilding through Dialogue

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Thu, 2014-09-04
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AWR, Cairo, September 4, 2014



Thirty youth from  ten different countries, representing different cultures and religions,  including Farah de Haan from our Center for Arab-West Understanding, met in Lebanon for a ten day seminar on “Promoting Peace through Inter-religious Dialogue.”


Farah wrote “The year 2014. A very dark page in the history of the Arab region. ISIS on the rise, more than 2000 people killed in Gaza, the civil war in Syria still ongoing, the stories we hear and the pictures we see can make us doubt whether there is still hope. However, after having spent a week in Dhour Chweir, Lebanon, I have regained my trust in the world.”  How she regained trust in the world is explained here.




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Source: Farah de Haan 


The thirty youth worked on a message to the world that Arab-West Report and the Center for Arab-West Understanding fully support. Some excerpts from the message are:


“Peace does not magically happen. It is a time-consuming and hard process, which demands human attention and involvement. A process that begins when we start acting on and believing in our hopes for a better future. A process that begins when we turn a new page and try to leave behind the coldness of our violent history. When we start listening to each other and open our minds.


Identity Session

Source: Farah de Haan


This requires effort and dedication. Let us be ambitious and dedicated and keep trying to reach our goals, no matter the obstacles. Let us keep believing in ourselves and in our power as humans to make the change we want to see in the world.”


“Knowledge is the road to understanding and with understanding comes acceptance, respect and trust. It will teach us to live in harmony, that the language of love and humanity is stronger than war and hatred. Trust needs to be planted in the youth and the new generations since their beliefs and hopes are the future of peace promotion.”


The Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue (FDCD) in Lebanon has done a great job in bringing these youth together and showing them that hate and violence can be overcome. We much appreciate they gave Farah de Haan and 29 other youth a chance to participate!


With this, “we can insist on accomplishing our mission; believe and promote the richness of diversity through mutual understanding and respect. Trust is not a privilege but a necessity that needs to be built on. One step from me and one step from you. Together we can share a love that unites us as one big diverse family.”


Cornelis Hulsman

Editor-in-chief Arab-West Report