Aphabetical list of persons biographies in AWR

Please note that the majority of the biographies date from 2007 so some data may be outdated.

Person Name / (title) (click to access articles associated with this person) Description
'Abd Āllāh al-'Āsh'al

Former assistant to the Egyptian foreign minister who made a comment to the Egyptian Gazette about the 2011 revolution

'Amīnah Khairī

person associated with pan-Arab Al-Hayāh

'Isām Dirbālah
33Jamāl Ascad cAbd al-Malāk
A. Edmonstone
A.W.F. Idenburg


Colonial specialist of the ARP, Governor-General of Dutch Indies (`1909-1916).


Abādir ʿAṭiyya Shākir (Sr., Father)
Abākīr (bishop)

bishop of the coptic orthodox church in the scandenavian region

Abānūb Fawzī Tawfīq (Father)

responsible for al-Bahr, al-Shuqr, al-Zarabi

Abānūb Thābit (Father)

Administrator of the Asyut Archdiocese; Member of the Coptic Orthodox Millī (Community) Council of Asyut

Abbas Mansur
Abd Allāh Bin al-Mubārak

one of al-sahābah

Abd Allāh Mustafa
Abdal Rahman Al Abnoudi
Abdallah Al Nadim
Abdallah Ibn Zubair
Abdallah Schleifer (Prof.)

Professor of Practice Emeritus, AUC, Associate to Arab-West Foundation

Abdel Fatah Ali
Abdel Halim Hafethz
Abdel Salam Abul Leil [ʿAbd al-Salām Abū Layl]

Director of Lower Egypt Antiquities in the 1990s