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Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
Hulsman comments on the recent sectarian tensions in Fayyūm that were mentioned in this issue and highlights an article by Tarek Heggy about the role of the Egyptian state in Muslim-Christian tensions.
The article talks about whether the banned Muslim Brotherhood group could be seen as a real political alternative for the future or just an opposition group that lacks sufficient skills and awareness to govern.
The press review discusses the recent developments in cases related to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood tackled in Egyptian press last week.
The article points to the correlation between ‘Adlī Abādīr who left Egypt to go to Switzerland under mysterious circumstances, and Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus, who was excommunicated by the Coptic Orthodox Church and left for London.
I have visited DrunkaDurunka, Assuiute, twice to take part in the annual celebrations at the Convent of the Virgin Mary between the 7th and the 21st of August. Inside the Convent, there is a cave where the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ stayed. Father Daniel Habib says that the Virgin Mary and Jesus...
Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies denounced what it called ‘a reputation- tarnishing campaign against the Center amidst the tempest of foreign funds.’
For three successive weeks, interest in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ? secured it a considerable space in Egyptian press. AWR provides you with a list of articles about the film from various perspectives.
The Egyptian government has recently released a thousand members of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiya on the occasion of the anniversary of the October 6 war. Significantly, Karam Zuhdi, leader of the group, Fou'ad Muhammad Al-Dawalibi, and Essam Abdel-Magd, members of the Shura Council of the group, have also...
At a time where the Pope’s controversial statements about Islam are still arousing reaction, another campaign by emigrant Copts has been launched, cursing Islam.


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