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On the seventh of August of each year, the Coptic Orthodox Church begins the fasting of the Virgin Mary (lent), lasting for 15 days, during this period daily prayers and liturgy along with the spiritual revival are held in the evening, where priests and bishops give various spiritual words...
Many legends surround an old tree called the “Virgin Mary Tree,” located in the ancient al-Maṭariyya district of eastern Cairo.
The Holy Family came to Egypt, says the Biblical text. But it is silent on what they did once there. Coptic Orthodox tradition has filled in the details. And now, as Arab West Report discovered on a visit led by Cornelis Hulsman on January 16, 2016, they have one detail more.
Arab-West Report presented a text for Wikipedia on the background of Abu Fana.
Egypt opened its doors to receive Jesus Christ, the Child that was born in Bethlehem and came to Egypt to escape from Herod the king. Blessing came everywhere He went. Once again we go around with the holy caravan the moved and crossed borders, climbed mountains, walked in deserts, and crossed...
The cave of the Holy Family in Mustorod is being restored and receives a new image. The church is in the possession of a miracle icon which brings healing for ailments.
Muslims and Christians commemorate the anniversary of Virgin Mary. We all honor and pay homage to the lady who is honored by all religions as the best woman on earth. The Coptic church has lately celebrated the ascension of Virgin Mary in a very unique Egyptian style that usually turns rituals into...
A detailed description of the route of the Holy Family from place to place.
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