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Sources have said to Panet news that “Egypt forced 41 judges to retire from their positions because of their support of the “illegal group, the Muslim Brotherhood”. Ahmad Al-Khatīb who is among the judges forced to retire said that “the decision is shocking and it is a massacre for Egypt’s justice...
Egyptian security arrests a group of Islamic fundamentalists that were allegedly planning to attack foreign and Egyptian military forces.
Ahmad al-Khatīb reports on the first Qur’ānists conference that will be held in the U.S. this month.
In a recent security crackdown, prosecution authorities in al-Minūfīyah and al-Fayyūm decided to detain 31 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders for 15 days.
An Austrian politician has attacked Islam during a local election campaign, alleging that it is a dictatorial religion.
The prosecution accuses members of a new Egyptian organization that belongs to the Lebanese al-Aḥbāsh group of promoting extremist ideas that incite sedition.
The following lines present more details about the Jihād introspections, their advocates and their opponents. While some people consider Imām’s revisions a turning point in the history of the Islamic groups, many observers doubt the authenticity of the revisions.
All imprisoned leaders of the Jihād factions have unanimously approved the jurisprudential reviews’ document, authored by Sayyid Imām, the founder of the Jihād organization in Egypt.
A new episode of clashes started between the Egyptian regime and the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group after the recent arrest of 16 leaders and members of the group, including Dr. ‘Isām al-‘Iryān, head of the group’s political office. Political experts link the arrest of al-‘Iryān to the group’s...
Leader of al-Nājūn min al-Nār [Survivors of the Fire] organization, Majdī Zīnhum al-Safatī, announced his support for the initiative to cease the use of violence, as well as for the jurisprudential reviews which the Jihād Organization is conducting inside prisons.


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