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Arab-West Report is in favor of any fruitful dialogue between peoples of different religions and convictions. But what should be the focus of a debate? Should we focus on beliefs that we know will not bring different parties together or should we focus on themes that would show similarities in...
The Episcopal Church of Egypt stated, on Sunday, that a meeting has been held between Lord George Carey, Former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, Grand Imam of al-Azhar. The meeting was attended by Dr. Munīr Ḥannā Anīs, President Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt.
The author points out the comportments that ignite sectarian sedition in Egypt. He refers to a number of Coptic and Muslim Web sites that attack the other religion.
The article gives different views on Sheikh Amr Khaled and his way of preaching. It also shows the criticism leveled at Christian journalist Mofied Fawzy because of his comments on Khaled and the issue of the veil, and how Fawzy responds to this criticism.
Subtitles:- Alazm: Islam has killed a lot of people on the pretext of dividing them into Muslims and Zimmi.- Dr. Qawadri: "We do not have in Islam the word Zemmi. They are equal citizens, you should not use the word zemmi or Jizia if you do not like them.- Dr. Alazm: Islam is an obstacle in...
Subtitle: 1- An Islamic preacher says on the Internet: Christians deceive Muslims by building churches in the form of mosques 2- A Christian Internet site called “Wild Christianity” specializes in attacking Islam 3- Internet sites for the books and essays of: El Karadawy, Said Kotb, Ibn...
This article, written for Christianity Today immediately following the tragic death of Pastor Dave Petrescue, reflects on his work at Maadi Community Church (M.C.C.).
Shaykh Ahmad Dīdāt’s video tapes and the television channel of the “lunatic” Zakarīyā Butrus have caused serious harm to Egyptian national unity and led in turn to unfortunate incidents between Muslims and Christians.
Dr. Nabīl Louqā Bibāwī calls on Father Zakarīya Butrus to change his preaching style, saying he is preaching Christianity through attacking Islam, which threatens Muslim-Christian relations.
Ahmad Deedat, a South African-born Muslim preacher is the author of the famous and controversial book Crucifixion or Crucifiction? His very controversial debates with Revd. James Swaggart in the 1980s are also very well known.


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