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This paper expands upon earlier work published in Arab-West Report by Dutch Arabists Eildert Mulder and Thomas Milo on the contested earliest sources of Islam.1 Mulder and Milo illustrate that critical scholarship has cast doubt on the historic
Ahmad Khālid sees that the reason behind backwardness in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt, is the rigidity and deficiency of religious discourse. He argues that Egypt nowadays suffers from the absence of authentic clergy.
Students belonging to the Islamist current in the Dār al-‘Uloum college have issued a statement attacking a play they view as conflicting with the precepts of Islam.
The author comments on the attempts of the US to intervene in the domestic affairs of Egypt through Copts.
The Muslim Brotherhood declared their initiative during a press conference last week. Public opinion linked the Muslim Brotherhood initiative to the Greater Middle East initiative, drafted by the United States. Some people think that the initiative was issued at this particular time to send a...
Over a thousand years ago, the site on which the mosque is built, currently the scene of major renovation efforts, witnessed Sayeda Zeinab’s advent to Egypt. She was described as the "heroine of Karbala’," rallying troops at the battle, providing them with water and food, treating the injured and...
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