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This report presents the interviews with nineteen people, 18 Egyptians and one American researcher about the importance of the work of Arab-West Report, people of different backgrounds, Muslims and Christians, clergy and non-clergy, including scholars and human rights lawyers. Christian...
Amr Assaad Khalil is an Egyptian business consultant and trainer, specializing in marketing and media issues who has been a member of the Board of Advisors of RNSAW/AWR since its inception in March 1998. Dr. Khalil writes on management issues for several Arabic language publications.
An attack on tourists at the Hilton Hotel in Taba and consequences for the image of Islam in Europe. Examples of Egyptian articles using an inflammatory style of writing.
AWR lectures in Germany shows little knowledge about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
AWR lecture tour in Germany shows many misconceptions about Egypt.
Interviewing 18 Egyptians, including bishops, and one American, about major issues in religious freedom in Egypt and the importance of AWR work
Text of a lecture for students and professors of different faculties at the University of Copenhagen, November 3, 2004, about plans to establish the Center for Arab-West Understanding in Cairo, Egypt. The text explains that intercultural tensions do exist but can be combated with good information.
The ongoing process of obtaining NGO status. Dr. Meinardus visits Cairo and recommends writing a book for the understanding of contemporary concepts of martyrdom and persecution in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Dutch businessman Frans Derksen of Fayoum Oases development consulted AWR for advice when...
The Editorial Board has met on December 1 and December 21 and decided to ask Dr. Arne Fjeldstad, Dr. Mary Massoud and Dr. Amr Assad Khalil to join the Editorial Board. The board also discussed the membership of Dr. Mike Shelley and Ms. Dale Gavlak, who have both left Egypt, and decided to ask them...


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