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Mustafá opens with a story about famous Egyptian writer, Anīs Mansūr. The moral of the story is that people in Egypt have been made to follow religious, political and cultural leaders blindly. He says that the average Egyptian has lost the ability to form his/her own personal opinion. He criticizes...
An Egyptian journalist declares that the origin of people from Daqahlīyah is not purely Egyptian.
Shock and confusion following the suicide attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh. The definition of jihād and the causes and nature of violence.Possibilities of democracy in Egypt. Female TV presenters continue their fight to be allowed to wear the hijāb onscreen.
For five successive weeks, interest in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ? secured it a considerable space in Egyptian press. AWR provides a list of articles that discussed the film from various perspectives.
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour [Anīs Manṣūr] wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. In this article, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen comment on what he wrote and explain the difference between the two denominations on...
Security sources have presented brigadier-general Hassan El Alfi, the minister of interior, with a detailed report about the secret tunnels which were recently discovered in Upper Egypt. The report, which was produced after a photographic inspection of the tunnels, showed that there were more...
Michael Meunier, president of the US Copts Association, asked the readers of the Copts Daily Digest to be "on the lookout in the Egyptian media for anti-American or anti-Christian articles." He found three articles from Al-Ahram and called them "anti-American" and "perverted." But are they?
The author stressed that individual or mass suicide is not a recent Arabic-Islamic invention and that those who carried out the attacks in America were not necessarily Arabs or Muslims because American agents are only outnumbered by those who hate America’s arrogance.
A criticism of the religious media and the superficial information it introduces to people.
Terrorism, by definition, is violence inflicted by one group against another. In ancient constitutions, all kinds of violence were legal; history has produced an abundance of manslayers such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Saddām Hussayn.


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