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The author reports an interview with prominent Egyptian thinker Tarek Heggy who attributed the American misunderstanding about conditions in Egypt to Sa‘d al-Dīin Ibrāhīm’s and Hishām Qāsim’s inaccurate reporting.
Bilāl al-Dawwī discusses the repercussions to the secretary general of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights’ [http://www.eohr.org/ar/] statements that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated 30% of the NGOs that work in the field of human rights.
Drs. Hulsman discusses a number of articles that deal with a recent European Parliamentary resolution, highlighting the condition of human rights in Egypt, and the subsequent media uproar that followed in the Egyptian press. He further points to a number of articles that refer to the condition of...
Midḥat Bishāy criticizes Charles Fū’ād al- Mirsī and other Coptic authors such as Majdī Khalīl for portraying the work of the ’group’ of activists as a new Coptic movement, and also for calling some of them ’Coptic leaders in countries of immigration.’
The author talks with Nizār Ghurāb, the defense lawyer of ‘Abbūd al-Zumur, where Nizār Ghurāb expects that ‘Abbūd al-Zumur will be released soon.
The article is based on an interview with Mr. Hānī ‘Azīz, consultant of the Union of Egyptians Abroad and an intimate friend of Pope Shenouda, on the affairs of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The Azhar, the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the Ministry of Interior all agree that religious data must appear on identity cards, but the National Council for Human Rights still insists on discussing the issue.
Bilāl al-Dawī interviews Bishop Basantī asking him about the recent incidents in the church.
It seems that the differences will increase when we discuss the issue of specifying one’s religion on ID cards, especially after the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the People’s Assembly, Mustafa al-Fiqī, said that both Muslims and Christians support the cell in IDs that specifies...
Bishop Marqus denied being removed from his position as the Coptic Church’s official spokesman, and asserted that he has a very good relationship with Pope Shenouda. He also called to amend the election process and the second article of the Constitution.


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