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Arab-West relations have been one of the most controversial relationships in the international arena for decades.
U.S. Ambassador David Welch declared that the United States supports the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies as well as five other civil society groups working in the fields of human rights, freedom, and development in Egypt.
It seems that all the battles that break out between the Azhar and the Americans are predestined to fail. To illustrate, the former Muftī issued a Fatwá that anybody who detonates himself among Israelis is a martyr. Another Fatwá by ShaykhShaykh Nabawī al-cIsh says it is forbidden to deal with the...
Rif‘at al-Said, the spokesman for the Egyptian opposition parties? alliance, said he met with the U.S. Ambassador in Cairo David Welch for a couple of hours.
Issues related to anti-Semitism are discussed in four of the papers of this week. Most articles question the connection established between criticizing Israel and anti- Semitism. See also art. 2 and 3
Egyptian papers gave much space to the different opinions about the controversial fatwa of Sheikh Al-Eish which incriminated dealing with the Iraqi Transitional Ruling Council. They also comment on the reaction to the fatwa within American political circles. The fatwa raised many questions about...
The four papers comment on the issue of the freedom of press in Egypt in light of the detention of Mustafa Bakri, Editor-in Chief of Al-Usboa, and his deputy Mahmoud Bakri.
The Egyptian Court of Cassation accepted the second appeal Saad Eddin Ibrahim lodged against the seven-year imprisonment sentence handed down to him. The Cassation Court cancelled the ruling and set January 7 for a third and final trial of Ibrahim. Ibrahim was released after the court?s session.
The truth of the ?Protocols of the Elders of Zion? and the dramatic treatment of history are the focus of the articles commenting on ?Knight without a horse.? President Mubarak has sent a message to the Israeli president stressing that the series is not based on the ?Protocols.? The American...
The US Department of State defended the American ambassador in Cairo, David Welch, with regard to the accusations directed to him for interfering in the affairs of the Egyptian press.


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