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The discussion about the electoral law for the papal election in the Coptic Orthodox Church has been raging for many decades since 1957. When Pope Yusab II passed away, leading members of the Sunday School Movement, a reform movement in the church, entered monastic life and presented themselves as...
The persons mentioned in the Pope’s list for the elections of the Majlis al-Millī were the winners in the elections. The opposition demanded reformation of the order governing the council, and explained their opinion that the elections, restricted to Copts over 25 years who either have a college...
A number of Coptic lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Interior to oblige him to register the uniforms of the Coptic Orthodox clergy and to have the wearing of it by anyone but a priest or a monk considered a crime.
The Cathedral of St. Mark announced that 24 prominent persons were elected in the Maglis El-Milli [the Congregational Council] for the new session that will continue for five years. Most of the winners were members of the outgoing council.
This is a statement about the recent events of Al-Kosheh. Hundreds of cultured people in Egypt signed it. These people care about the country’s concerns.
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