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Hulsman comments on the previous article by Muhammad ‘Alī Ibrāhīm in which has attacked Islam and accused of having no morals or ethics.
Hulsman recently met with Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former secretary general of the United Nations. Ghali explained his views on the recent Israeli war on Gaza and also his attitude toward the Egyptian media reporting of tensions between different religious communities.
A Muslim Brotherhood key leader Dr. ‘Isām al-‘Iryān has reportedly stated that his group will recognize the existence of Israel if they come to power. The statement has provoked anger amongst members and leaders of the banned group because they abidingly reject Israel as an independent state in the...
15 Egyptian independent newspapers refused to publish their publications on October 7, 2007. Other newspapers criticized the gesture and its motivations, choosing instead to express themselves “positively.” Freedom of the press is a pivotal issue in Egyptian media nowadays.
Rumors about Mubārak’s health spread like wildfire and created wide-ranged uproar in society. Although the role of the press in the circulation of the news was undeniable, some insist on the unwavering responsibility of official authorities in making rumors appear more credible by hesitating in...
The Egyptian regime does not restrict freedom of opinion and did not prevent Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm from expressing his distorted ideas in Egyptian newspapers.
This article shows the opinions of a number of leading journalists regarding the state-owned press and the calls to privatize it.
Although the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to delay the establishment of their long-awaited political party, liberal thinkers attack its political platform, warning that it supports sectarianism.
Through his lawyer, Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn ibrāhīm is threatening three Egyptian newspapers by announcing that he will file claims against them if they do not publish retractions for their “attacks” against Dr. Ibrāhīm.
The article talks about the heated electoral campaigns that characterize the struggle between Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates and those of the ruling National Democratic Party to win the race of the Shūrá Council elections.


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