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Mukhtar Nūh, member of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that the whole world is walking in the orbit of Europe and America, and when any European country talks about human rights, this is instigated by America and its agents, he said.
The Arab region is witnessing religious unrests caused by Islamized groups and jihadistswho launch wars in the name of religion, wars that mutilates the faith of Islam, creating and spreading Islamophobia [fear from Islam] in the West.
Background: The interview with Mukhtār Nūh, a lawyer and a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, revolves around questions related to religious freedom in Egypt including possible application of Islamic Sharīʿa, the rights of Christian minorities, and the possible response to conversion from...
At this year’s Arab Summit in Sharm el-Shaykh, signs of rapprochement began to appear between Egypt and Qatar. Recently, the two countries have been expected to begin a period of complete reconciliation. Mukhtār Nawh, a former leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the ongoing reconciliation...
Mukhtār Nūh, Islamic thinker [former member of the Muslim Brotherhood], said that the upcoming period supports the Islamic mainstreams whether we wanted or not. He added that the Islamic mainstreams found freedom and they failed to interact with it.  
The Muslim Brotherhood opposition front has announced its support of the group’s decision to withdraw from the parliamentary elections. Leading member of the opposition front, Mukhtār Nūh, said that the front will release a statement today to clarify its position on the group’s decision. He added...
The article provides text of an interview with ‘Alī Zayn al-‘Ābidīn, regarding a rumor indicating the presence of a secret Muslim Brotherhood member running for the position of head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate.
Salah al-Dīn Hasan asks various members of the Muslim Brotherhood for their views on the degree of democracy within the group and explores the Brotherhood’s internal politics.
Hamdī Rizq reports on a cleavage in the Muslim Brotherhood that started in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef a few months ago.
The author, ‘Alā’ ‘Azmī, interviewed the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated lawyer Mr. Mukhtār Nūḥ on his candidature for presidency of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and his relationship with the banned group.


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