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The author highlights incidents in Egypt in the last month that deal with religions and relations between Muslims and Christians, he believes that these incidents are representative of Egyptian attitude in general toward religions. He concludes by wondering if Egypt is going backwards.
While the majority of Muslims call to boycott The Netherlands because of the offensive movie ’Fitna,’ some extremists attacked Dutch interests in certain countries. However, Dr, ‘Alī Jum‘ah, the muftī of Egypt explained the way he reacted: “I carried the Glorious Qur’ān, kissed it and read it for...
Dr. Zaynab Radwān, the deputy speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly’s controversial argument about women issues under Sharī‘ah is still creating heated discussions in the lay and religious milieus in Egypt. The following lines shed light on the different arguments.
The article presents the reactions of Muslim scholars to the declaration that a prominent Muslim Italian journalist was baptized by the Catholic pope in the Easter eve service.
Drs. Hulsman comments on the recent ENAWU launch, and points to a number of articles on houses of worship in this issue.
Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār and Dr. Mustafá al-Shak‘ah, both members of the Islamic Research Academy, are to be interrogated before the North Giza Prosecution on charges of disdaining Christianity.
The issue of Muslims who are recruited into foreign armies and their participation in the wars taking place in Muslim countries is under discussion by the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy.
The article discusses the emergence of a trend to file lawsuits, in which the plaintiffs demand either official recognition of their belief, as in the case of the Bahā’īs, or the right to convert from one religion to another.
The Supreme Administrative Court ruled last weekend in favor of 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later reverted to their original Christianity and were officially accepted in the Church, and wished to claim their legal rights as Christians. While Christian public and human and...
Although the Azhar has refused to acknowledge the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt, a recent court verdict has allowed Bahā’īs to put a ‘dash’ in the religion data box of identity cards.


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