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How could Sufism, which has been penetrated by some pretenders and impostors, return to its golden age? Real Sufism is synonymous with spiritual and mental purity, out of the love for God and His messenger, away from any sentiments of envy, venom, hatred or grudges. Sufism has been penetrated by...
The author continues his series of articles on Bedouinization. He questions to what extent it is accurate to say that the Bedoiuns had a great influence on culture in the Middle East, and considers dress code among other things.
The lives of both Mary Magdalene and Rābi‘a al-‘Adawīya were divided into two parts, the first halves very different from the second halves dedicated to the love of God.
One of the newspapers ran an interview with Dr. Nawal Al-Sa’adawi, in which she was asked her opinion about going on pilgrimage and other issues. The author argues against her opinions and claims that her knowledge of Islam is poor.
Dr. Adel Sabour Shahin said that Nawal Al-Sa’adawi was a heretic and a communist who does not believe in God. Dr. Suade Salah, the former dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, said that her opinions are considered a deviation from religion as she denied one of the main essentials in Islam, that...
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