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An interview with Mustafa al- Zayyāt, member of al-Jam‘āt al- Islāmīya and the main attorney defending those accused of Islamic fundamentalism, concerning Ayman al-Zawāhirī whom he knew very well from the days they spent together in al-Qal‘a Prison.
In this article lawyer Montasser Al-Zayyat, the lawyer of the Gama’at Al-Islamiya, recounts the story of the Jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan up to the terrorist’s operations, which were aimed against the people in charge and affecting the economy and security of Egypt.
The article gives an outline of the terrorists that the Egyptian courts convicted but who were offered asylum by foreign countries, among which was America. It sheds light on their crimes and the judgments made against them. The author points out that America, which once hosted some of these...
The director of Al-Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies in London affirms that the number two man of the Jihad group was arrested by Iranian authorities.
The article gives information about the three Jihad organization members who are recommended to succeed Ayman Al-Zawahri. They are Morgan Mustafa, Abdel-Aziz Moussa Al-Gamal and Tharwat Salah Shehata.
Lawyer Tharwat Shehata, the second most important man in the Jihad organization, is recommended by the Egyptian fundamentalists to succeed Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahri in leading the Jihad organization. Shehata is known among the radical fundamentalists as Abu Al-Sam´.
Montasser Al-Zayyat recorded the experience of his 25 year-relationship with the Islamic movements in Egypt in his new book “Al-Zawahri as I knew him.” The book is not a biography of the leader of the Jihad organization. It is a thorough analysis of the history of the Islamic movements in Egypt.
An Egyptian fundamentalist, held in a Canadian jail for his alleged links to Usāma Bin Lādin, was hospitalized Tuesday after 76 days on hunger strike.
Islamist lawyers broke into two fronts; one supporting Montasser Al-Zayyat and announced him to be its secretary general. The other front removed him from his position. Al-Zayyat was accused by some members of the Islamist Lawyers’ general assembly of defaming the Islamist Lawyers and seeking...
The Islamic Lawyers Association decided to choose Montasser Al-Zayyat as its general secretary. It also held a meeting at which it was decided not to suspend the activities of the Association any longer and to delay electing its board members.


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