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The Islamic Research Academy, affiliated with the Azhar, recently brought charges of insulting heavenly religions and God against Egyptian feminist and writer, Dr. Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī, who is now in Brussels and is planning to stay away for six months so she can teach at a number of U.S. universities.
The author talks about Abū Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī’s life and notes that al- Zarqāwī has turned out to be one of the most wanted terrorists and bloodiest criminals in the history of Iraq.
This four-page feature is investigates the blackmailing ways of the independent press that keeps attacking the government for their own interests, benefiting by securing as many newspaper advertisments as they can from the government in exchange for toned down criticism.
The author reviews some of the habits of the Shi’ites, and differences between their beliefs and those of Sunni Muslims’. He says that history shows the Iranians have ruined Shi’ism, and could make matters even worse in Iraq.
The article is an overview of a book by Dr. Rifa’at Al-Sa’id titled “Islamists…what have they done to Islam and to us?” Al-Sa’id comments on the ideologies of Usama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawhari and the Taliban.
A serious disease infected the press and weakened it. This disease is arrogance, which some colleagues practice on others, on the reader and sometimes the state.
The author speaks about the spiritual leaders of terrorism who developed terrorism-inspiring thoughts waiting others to promote and put them s into practices. These leaders are Hasan al-Bannā, Sayyid Qutb, and ‘Abd al-Allāh ‘Azzām.
The possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood would strike an alliance with the Nasserist Party brings up the question of how the Brotherhood will be able to forget the persecution they faced during the rule of Abdel Nasser when they were imprisoned and tortured. The history of relations between the...
The insatiable lust for attacking others and the attempts to belittle their opinions have become a disturbing shameful phenomenon that overwhelms sensational newspapers, a matter that runs counter to the press code of ethics. See for more media critique also: Art. 2 – caution needed with stories...
Rose El-Youssef’s special series on extremism sheds light upon the extremist Al-Tahrir Party [Liberation party] that plans to establish Islamic rule, the book of “Al-Sufur Wa Al-Hijab [Unveiling and Veiling]” and so-called Islamic medicine. It also interviews the Sheikh of the Azhar on Islamic...


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