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The author has conducted an interview with Pope Shenouda III on the occasion of Coptic Easter.
The article discusses reactions to a recent Supreme Administrative Court ruling which forces the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow Copts that have been divorced through civil courts to re-marry.
The following presents letters from the readers of Watani International, commenting on published stories, and hot topics of contention in the Egyptian media.
The Egyptian media reported Copts fears over Pope Shenouda’s health after the patriarch was suddenly admitted to hospital. The pope’s condition is stable and he is expected to resume his normal duties soon.
Muslims and Christians enthusiastically welcomed Pope Shenouda III on his historical journey to Upper Egypt.
Victor Salāmah reports on the celebration of the 53rd anniversary of Pope Shenouda joining monasticism. He refers to Pope Shenouda’s safe return from his medical trip to the U.S. and his meeting with Father Paulos, patriarch of the Ethiopian Church.
Dr. George Ḥabīb Bibāwī was excommunicated from the Coptic Orthodox Church following his latest offense against Pope Shenouda. The study published on the internet and summarized by Rose al-Yūsuf aroused the anger of the Coptic Orthodox Church who held an emergency session of the Holy Synod. The...
His Holiness Pope Shenouda III had successful surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States last Sunday. He will return to Egypt before the celebration of the anniversary of his thirty-fifth year of enthronement next November.
In the same week as the pope’s return to Cairo after a medical trip abroad, many have spoken out about the controversial Archbishop Maximus I, or Max Michel. This article notes some of the key points of Michel’s life and discusses whether his controversial church has links with the US.
An obituary of Father Matta al-Miskeen, the abbot of Anba Maqar Monastery in Wadi al-Natroun.


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