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Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
Some 40 Copts were staging a sit-in inside a monastery in south Cairo in protest against the disappearance of a Coptic woman they said had eloped with a Muslim man, according to security sources and Egyptian church officials.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
An encyclopedia entitled “Encyclopedia of Egypt’s Copts” claims that over 50 Christian girls have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam in Egypt.
In its last issue, Al-Fajr published the story of a Christian woman who converted to Islam and divorced her Christian husband to marry a Muslim. The paper was accused of provoking sectarian sedition and taking sides. Therefore the paper published a priest’s response and a legal clarification.
A lawyer, famous for helping Copts convert to Islam, calls for giving more freedom to any one who wants to convert to Islam.
The author says that al-Maydān, an independent newspaper, is refuting allegations propagated by a Coptic web site, Coptichistory.org, owned by ‘Izzat Andarāwus, about the abduction of Coptic girls to force them to convert to Islam. The paper says that it interviewed a girl, Wafā’ Rā’fat ‘Adlī, who...
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